Too many carpet cleaning products are unsafe around a growing family, and over the years many families have become accustomed to the smell of these chemicals, they almost expect them despite their toxic nature. As a family-run business, we share your concern which is why we use non-toxic products that do the job of making your home cleaner while not placing your kids and pets in harm’s way.

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PRO-LINE is one of the very few carpet cleaners who is an IICRC Certified Firm. What that means is not only are we certified in the services we offer, but that we have an obligation to maintain our certifications, continue to certify new technicians, and follow the guidelines created by the IICRC organization. The same guidelines that leading carpet manufacturers feature in their carpet warranties. It seems as though our competitors fall into a gray area. Their website’s feature the IICRC badge and claim to be certified. Which services are they certified in? Are their certifications current? Are all their technicians’ certified, or just one or two? Those are all important questions to ask if you are looking to hire a certified company.


The preservation of your warranty doesn’t just stop at hiring a certified cleaner. It also encompasses the use of equipment that is also approved to be used on your carpet. Carpet manufacturers often require that equipment used on their products be approved by the CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute).  When you call PRO-LINE, you get CRI approved carpet cleaning equipment.


We didn’t buy whatever was cheapest 10 years ago and stop there. We are constantly in search of better equipment, and new services that provide you with a cleaner living space. Whether it’s switching to the latest machines featuring e-idle technology, the latest in cleaning products, or a more efficient client management system. We look to improve ourselves, our services, and the experience you receive.

Whether you are familiar with hiring a professional for carpet cleaning or this will be your first time, you will be glad to have chosen us. We pride ourselves on giving quality customer service from start to finish and strive to make all customers fans.

What is the CRI?
The CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute) exists to educate consumers about health benefits and environmental benefits of carpet. They are the leading source for carpet information. Information backed by science and guided by principle. To learn more about the CRI, click here.

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As the owner, I want you to be absolutely thrilled with every job we do for you. Which is why every appointment includes a risk free guarantee, if you’re not happy with our work we will re-clean it for free--it can’t get much simpler. Nothing is more important to us than your complete and total satisfaction. Call right way if you have any questions about our work. Paul Funk, Owner

"I had Carters carpet cleaning come out and had spots come back right away. They shortcut a lot of stuff. I just had PRO-LINE come out and oh my gosh they are freaking amazing I will never use anyone else."
- Jennifer
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What is the IICRC?

IICRC stands for Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. It is a non-profit organization which develops standards and certifications in inspection, cleaning, and restoration industries. Their expertise spans 40 years, and 25 countries worldwide. To learn more about the IICRC, or to locate a Certified Professional.

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How do you determine pricing?

There are a lot of factors that go in to our pricing, mainly though, it is based on your location in relation to our office, and the size of the area that we will be doing.

Do you offer coupons or discounts?

Yes, we do offer coupons as well as discounts. To view our coupons, visit our Coupon Page. As far as discounts, we offer 10% off for Seniors and Veterans. Proof is required.

Do I need to do anything to prepare?

There are a number of things you can do, primarily, ensure that we can be as close to the nearest entrance as possible. Additionally, you can stash away anything that you don’t want to break, just in case. Vacuuming the areas that will be cleaned can also make the cleaning process simpler for us.

How long does carpet cleaning take?

Time can vary depending on the size of the job, as well as whether you are adding carpet protector or other additional services. Typically though a small job of only a few rooms, without add-on services would take 1.5-2 hours.

What is the best carpet cleaning method?

Truck-mounted steam cleaning is the most effective method, as well as the method required by carpet manufacturers in their warranties, to learn more about the various cleaning methods by clicking here.

How long does it take to dry?

Dry times can sometimes vary based on elevation and humidity levels, most often though, carpet should be dry to the touch after 4-6 hours. We recommend waiting 24 hours before placing heavy furniture, especially antiques and other pieces that have metal feet, or that have wood that will come into direct contact with the carpet. Rust or stain transfers may occur if the furniture is replaced in less than 24 hours. To get more in-depth info about the drying process, click here.

Can I walk on it after you're done?

Of course! We highly encourage you to walk barefoot if possible, not even slippers or house shoes. Also keep in mind that the carpet will be damp, so use caution when stepping from the clean carpet to a hard surface like hardwood, tile, or linoleum.