Why You Should Clean Your Carpets


We all have carpet somewhere in our home. Let’s be real though, how often do you get that carpet cleaned? Probably not often enough.  It may not seem evident at first, but there are a number of valid reasons why carpet cleaning is a necessity for any family with carpet in their home.

1. It’s a filter
As weird as that may sound, your carpet really does act like a filter. It’s a filter for your indoor environment; capturing soils, gases, skin cells and pet dander if you have indoor pets. So just like the air filter in your car, it needs to be cleaned from time to time.
2. Asset Management
It probably doesn’t seem like it, but your carpet is an asset. Typically, carpeting is in the top three expenses for a homeowner. Even with just a few rooms having carpet translates to thousands of dollars in flooring. To use our car analogy again, your car requires routine maintenance, and so does that plush carpeting in your home.
3. Carpet Warranty
Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning is listed in most carpet manufacturers warranties as being something you must have done to avoid voiding that warranty, which if voided would mean any untimely wear would have to be fixed out of pocket.
4. Aesthetics
Imagine for a second, it’s a week before a huge thanksgiving feast at your house, the carpet in your dining room, living room, and main hallway are super dirty. Two thirds of your family are coming in a few days, what should you do? Get those major areas cleaned. Clean carpet just looks better, it can bring new life into a room. Which is why it’s one of the most prominent reasons why people get their carpets cleaned.
So as you can see, carpet cleaning is an actual necessity for the well-being of you, your family, your wallet, and your home.

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