4 Post Carpet Cleaning Tips

4 Post Carpet Cleaning Tip

Your carpet is nice and clean. Now what? Well, there are a few tips that we always mention to our clients. That way the carpet remains in a clean state until it’s fully dry. We recommend you follow these tips so that your carpet stays clean and it dries correctly.

Post Carpet Cleaning Tip 1: Step Carefully

Since most homes aren’t carpeted in every room, chances are you will step from damp carpet to a hard, probably slick, floor. This is why we caution you to be careful when doing this; the bottoms of your feet are damp and you risk slipping.

Post Carpet Cleaning Tip 2: Speed Up the Drying

Since cleaning requires water, your carpet will require some time to dry. It shouldn’t take any longer than about 7 hours. If you’ve hired other carpet cleaners in the past and it took way longer for your carpet to dry, they were doing it wrong.


  • Crack Windows
  • Run Ceiling fans
  • Run compact/box fans
  • Turn on your whole house fan


  • Run the heater
  • Put down rugs or towels

Post Carpet Cleaning Tip 3: Leave the Tabs

We place tabs or foam blocks under all furniture which require them (all furniture legs that do not have vinyl or plastic feet). Please leave them in place for at least 48 hours. Why 48 hours when the carpet is supposed to be dry in 4-6? It’s because the tabs/blocks are placed on the carpet, those small areas don’t receive the same ventilation as the wide open areas.
What if you remove the blocks before then? You run the risk of the furniture legs rusting or there being a varnish transfer to your carpet. Neither of which are covered by our Better Clean Guarantee.

Post Carpet Cleaning Tip 4: Keep it Clean

We stress that you refrain from walking across your freshly cleaned carpet with shoes on, which also include indoor slippers and sandals, until the carpet is dry. Also if you can, keep pets off the carpet as well.

Those 4 steps will help from any resoiling and make sure that your carpet looks cleaner for longer. Remember, if you have questions, you can call and we would be happy to help. Our number is (530) 642-8096.


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