Carpet Manufacturer Warranties

As consumers we don’t always care about a products warranty. Most of the time we forget about them, or don’t even bother with them. Some are worth reading, and following, especially when its a big ticket item like carpeting. New carpet costs thousands of dollars and so when you get that plush new carpet installed, you want to keep it in good condition. We compiled a list of the things which void those carpet manufacturer warranties. So you can save thousands of dollars long term. The below information is from 4 major carpet manufacturers and includes links to their warranties if you wish to research further.


Brands produced: Bliss, Beaulieu, Coronet, Hollytex

Type of Warranties: Limited

General Warranty: 

Hot-water extraction cleaning by a certified professional carpet cleaner following the IICRC S100 Standard Reference Guide for Professional Cleaning, and using Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) Seal of Approval (SOA) products and equipment every twelve (12) to eighteen (18) months is a requirement to maintain your warranty protection and will prolong the life of your carpet and help maintain a healthy environment. More frequent cleaning may be needed in some cases. A receipt of professional hot water extraction cleanings is required to show proof of this service.Beaulieu America

What Warranty Does not cover: As stated in the warranty above, All methods not considered “Hot-water extraction” are in violation of the warranty. Which means that Beaulieu may hold you responsible for repairs or replacements of your carpet.


Brands produced: ClearTouch, ClearTouch Platinum, EverTouch, Ansonylon, Caress by Shaw Floors

Type of Warranties: Lifetime, some Limited

General Warranty:

Shaw recommends only hot water extraction (also called “steam cleaning”), utilizing carpet cleaning products, equipment, and systems certified through the Carpet and Rug Institute’s Seal of Approval Program. These products are listed at www. Warning: Non-approved cleaning products and topical treatments, applied by you or by a professional carpet cleaner, may result in damage to your carpet that will not be covered by your warranty. Shaw recommends that professional service be performed by an IICRC certified firm. Locate a professional cleaner through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) at 1-800-835-4624 or Cleaning by other professional services may result in damage that will not be covered by your warranty.Shaw Floors

What Warranty Does not cover: Rotary Machines, Dry Steam, and other processes not approved by the CRI and IICRC. Which means that “Cleaning by other professional services may result in damage that will not be covered by your warranty.” which means you get stuck with the cost of repairs.


Brands produced: SmartStrand Silk, SmartStrandUltra, SmartStrand All Pet, Wear-Dated Nylon, StainMaster Carpet, UltraStrand, Wear-Dated PET, EverStrand, ForeverFresh, PermaStrand/PermaStrand XtraSoft, Mohawk SmartCushion

Type of Warranties: Mostly Lifetime

General Warranty:


Mohawk requires professional hot water extraction every 18 months using cleaning products, equipment or systems that carry the CRI Seal of Approval. … Periodic cleaning by a certified carpet-care profes- sional using the hot water extraction method will refresh carpet appearance.Mohawk

What Warranty Does not cover: Cleaning processes that are not “hot-water extraction”.


Brands produced: Crystal Stitch, Hardanger

Type of Warranties: Limited

General Warranty:

EXCLUSIONS The warranties do not cover carpet that is… (iii) not properly maintained (including routine professional cleaning) in accordance with current, published Milliken specifications and meeting The Carpet and Rugs Institute’s effective deep-extraction method of cleaningMilliken

What Warranty Does not cover: All methods that are not sanctioned by the Carpet and Rug Institute.

Conclusion of Carpet Manufacturer Warranties

We can all conclude that, in terms of carpet cleaning, there is one method that every manufacturer favors. Don’t risk voiding your warranty. If a problem arises, the manufacturer will require proof of the cleaning and the method used. If that proof isn’t in line with what they require, they will most likely decline your claim. Which would be frustrating, but if you were them, would you want to pay to replace something that wasn’t taken care of properly.


Carpet manufacturer warranties cover much more than just what type of carpet cleaning method you should use, they include more exclusions, as well as procedures to remove stains that don’t damage your carpet as well as claim information and other helpful information. We provided links to the major manufacturers covered in this article, we encourage you to visit your manufacturers website or your dig up the brochure which came with your carpet, doing so could save you a significant amount of money down the road.