Carpet Dry Time in El Dorado County

Time is an important thing, especially when you have your carpet cleaned. So once your carpet is cleaned, what will be the carpet dry time? With the powerful suction which is involved with deep steam cleaning, we can remove 95% of the moisture used to clean, that 5% that’s left can take between 8 hours to 24 hours for carpet to dry after cleaning.

What Effects Carpet Dry Time?

Dry time is affected by humidity, temperature and air flow to the area. Which can be from your indoor environment or the time of year have an effect on dry time. A humid environment will make the carpet take longer to dry due to their being more moisture in the air.

Ways to Accelerate Carpet Dry Time

Using fans in any rooms cleaned and turning your air conditioning or heating system on, depending on the time of year, can help accelerate drying time.

Precautions We Take

Since our technicians will leave before the carpet is fully dry, any furniture that is in the areas that we clean are placed on Styrofoam blacks or metallic cards to prevent any color transfer, rust, or damage to the furniture itself. We advise that you leave those materials under your furniture until your carpet is fully dry.


Take care when walking from a damp carpet area to a non-carpeted area, you or a family member may slip. Also, refrain from wearing shoes on your clean carpet. Even after your carpet is dry, we encourage customers to not wear shoes on their carpet since shoes track in more dirt which leaves your carpet dirtier and means you will need to clean them again sooner. Though you are welcome to walk barefoot on your carpet.


Cleaned carpet should take between 8-24 hours to completely dry, all depending on the time of year and the air flow in your home. If you want to increase the dry time, using fans or turning on your heater or air conditioner will dry the carpet faster. While the carpet is drying, refrain from wearing shoes on it and remember to be careful when stepping from the damp carpet on to a non-carpeted area.