how long does carpet cleaning take

This might be the most asked question above all the others, and with good reason. You have work, a family, etc. so “how long is this going to take?” is a valid question.  However there are a few factors which go into being able to calculate an estimated completion time for carpet cleaning.


The method of carpet cleaning certainly has an effect on time. Each method has a different process involved which results in varying cleaning times. Keep in mind that faster is not better either. Some methods are best for maintaining your carpet, and others—like steam carpet cleaning—are for doing a deep clean.


You can have the fastest most effective method, but the dirtier carpet, the longer it will take. If you’re having your carpet cleaned for the first time and it’s fairly soiled, expect it take a bit longer. Once you get onto a 12-18 month cleaning schedule, the cleaning will take less time because the carpet will be less soiled.


The more furniture that requires moving, the longer the cleaning will take. If you’re in a bit of a rush and want the carpet cleaner in and out in a timely manner, we recommend moving as much furniture as you can before had, so our technician can start cleaning sooner.

Average Time

With all those factors coming into play, the average cleaning time can vary depending on the aforementioned variables. To get a better idea of the time it will take, consult the carpet cleaner either during the estimate or when they arrive to your home.


How long it takes to clean your carpet varies by the method your professional uses as well as how dirty your carpet is and how much furniture needs to be moved. The average time per room is 15-20 minutes.