Best Carpet Cleaning Method for Placerville, Ca

If you check out a couple different carpet cleaners in your area you’ll find everyone has a different method or process. Some are effective, some do alright, and some don’t even make any sense. We’re looking at you dry steam cleaning… steam isn’t dry. So what is the best carpet cleaning method? Which is most effective? If you’ve asked yourself those questions, read on to find the answer.

Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning, the method that WON’T void your warranty

Among all of the different carpet cleaning methods, there is one that is regarded as being superior, a matter of fact, it is recommended by the leading carpet manufacturers which include Shaw, Mohawk, and a number of others. Within the carpet cleaning industry the method is referred to as hot water extraction, to our customer s and clients its better known as deep steam carpet cleaning.

As mentioned in The Mohawk Group carpet warranty:

“Mohawk requires professional hot water extraction every 18 months”

How Deep Steam Capet Cleaning Works

As illustrated by the technical name, deep steam carpet cleaning uses a mixture of hot water and a neutral cleaning solution which is injected deep into your carpets fiber by high pressure nozzles on the carpet wand (the carpet wand is a long handle/tube combining the high pressure solution and suction, as well as controls for both). After the water/solution has been injected, it along with allergens, deep down dirt, and 95% of the moisture is removed from your carpet using high powered suction. The result is fresh, clean carpet.

Questions To as a Carpet Cleaner

  • When hiring a carpet cleaner who performs deep steam carpet cleaning, make sure to check that they use the correct solution so that your clean carpet is soft to the touch. If it ends up being rough and even a little crunchy, that means they failed to use the correct solution.
  • An additional thing you will want to ask a professional is whether their cleaning solutions are safe for pets and children. We at Pro-Line use Procyon solutions which have no health hazards. Though there are many manufacturers who make cleaning solutions, request that the technician consult their MSDS information (MSDS stands for Material Safety and Data Sheets. Every manufactured chemical is required to list information about that chemical including health hazards). If the cleaner you have hired does not have MSDS information with him, do not let them clean your carpet. Businesses are required by law to have MSDS information accompanying the chemicals they use, not just at their office but in their vehicles if they store chemicals in those vehicles.


As recommended by leading carpet manufactures, deep steam carpet cleaning is the best carpet cleaning method you should use when having your carpets cleaned. Always make sure that your professional uses the correct cleaning solutions and has the appropriate documentation for the chemicals they have in their truck.