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Carpet Dry Time

Time is an important thing, especially when you have your carpet cleaned. So once your carpet is cleaned, what will be the carpet dry time? With the powerful suction which is involved with deep steam cleaning, we can remove 95%... Read More

How Long Does Carpet Cleaning Take?

This might be the most asked question above all the others, and with good reason. You have work, a family, etc. so “how long is this going to take?” is a valid question.  However there are a few factors which... Read More

The Best Carpet Cleaning Method?

  If you check out a couple different carpet cleaners in your area you’ll find everyone has a different method or process. Some are effective, some do alright, and some don’t even make any sense. We’re looking at you dry... Read More

Water Damage F.A.Q

Pro-Line Cleaning Services, Inc. provides 24/7 emergency water damage restoration and remediation services to the greater Placerville area, El Dorado Hills area, and Folsom area. We have provided an extensive list of questions we are regularly asked by clients. If... Read More

Mold FAQ

Mold can seem a little scary. Maybe not the fuzzy white stuff you find on bread that sat in the pantry too long; though when it starts to possess a color, or a few colors we start to get a... Read More

Professional Upholstery Cleaning and the Benefits

There are tremendous benefits that come with professional upholstery cleaning. I mean come on, do you really want to lay on a soiled or stained couch while you watch your favorite TV show? Do you want company to have to... Read More

Why You Should Clean Your Carpets

We all have carpet somewhere in our home. Let’s be real though, how often do you get that carpet cleaned? Probably not often enough.  It may not seem evident at first, but there are a number of valid reasons why... Read More